Yoga, and morning classes now available.
Check our class schedule, or call 475-2800 for details.

Welcome to The Body Shop Fitness Studio, a fitness studio designed for men and women wanting to improve their body. The Body Shop is more than a gym. It's a place to meet, workout, and bond with fellow classmates. It's a place to be pushed further than you thought you could go, and where creativity and personal touch direct your workout. It's a place to meet goals, friends, and muscles you never knew you had.

The joy of training at a small gym is the personal attention and that we honor your pain and any issues you may have. Speaking of joy, there's more than to The Body Shop Fitness Studio than just sweating and working out. We now have a an esthetician onsite. What better way to relax after an invigorating workout than with a facial?

Personal, one-on-one classes are available with Sunita or one of her professional associate personal trainers. Small group classes are popular, they provide the benefits of private training with the added motivation of a partner. The Seniors classes range between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on physical abilities and limitations. Our general fitness program consists of a circuit-style workout program, in which you move through exercises at a challenging intensity that allows for strength, endurance and flexibility training while maintaining a fat-burning heart rate. Express classes offer a productive 30 minute workout that is custom designed for your needs.

Sunita’s training incorporates strength training, cardio, and assisted stretching, into each workout. Private workouts and small group classes are available for all ages, body types, and fitness types.

Call 475-2800 or e-mail to set up an appointment so you can experience the gym yourself.



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