About The Body Shop

The Body Shop began as Body by Sunita, in 2005. Sunita Bancroft, a certified personal trainer was looking for a way to work out of her house and be home for her family. Word traveled fast about Sunita's amazing workouts. In just 4 years the business outgrew the beautiful solarium studio. It was time to move to a bigger studio and extend the hours. The Body Shop opened May 10, 2010 at its current location on the corner of Soquel and Porter, in Soquel village.

The people at The Body Shop

SunitaSunita Bancroft, owner and trainer
Visionary of workouts extraordinaire. Sunita truly wants to help everyone achieve an easier life with mobility, strength and endurance. Her workouts are challenging and fresh. You never think "If I have to do one more set of leg extensions I'm going to scream" in Sunita's classes...although she may make you scream.




Tricia Markovitz, Yoga instructorTricia

  • Hatha Yoga Instructor accredited through Chopra University’s 2 year Certification Program
  • Spin instructor for 15+ years
  • Triathlete for 20+ years
  • Has studied Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation at the Chopra Center

Tricia is driven by her belief in the importance of a healthy body creating a healthy mind and spirit. She is always positive and supportive in her never ending commitment to assist those on their quest to improve themselves and their lifestyle. When she’s not teaching yoga or seeing patients, you can find Tricia running trails, doing the stairs at Seacliff, cycling in the hills or cooking up a gourmet meal at home.

Debbie Goodwin, Office guruDebbie
Maybe you'll recognize Debbie as the one with the big smile as you enter the back door to the studio. Or, maybe you'll recognize Debbie as the one with the big smile as she's conquering monster crunches. Either way, know that Debbie is the one with the big smile who keeps The Body Shop running with administrative ease.


What our clients say...

"This has been the most rewarding and the easiest to commit to because I feel accountable to the person who is setting aside their time to train me, as opposed to a large class setting where nobody knows if you are there or not." ~ Kathryn


"After almost 2 years of working out with Sunita, to my surprise my body has changed for the better! I have lost many inches and pounds over time. Sunita is sensitive to all body sizes and shapes, and adapts the workout accordingly. She is upbeat, happy but firm, and makes me do more exercise than I would ever make myself do. I actually look forward to my workouts (I don't believe I said that!) Try The Body Shop Fitness Studio ... You'll fall in love with your body again." ~ Lori

The Body Shop Fitness Studio | Phone: 831-475-2800
4641 Soquel Drive, Soquel CA on the corner of Soquel Drive and Porter