August 2015

What's your prediction for the fight? Pain.. wait no pain! 
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Global warming hits The Body Shop Fitness Studio
Yes! I know it’s hot!! In fact, last week it was so hot that my classes were mistaken for “Bikram” workouts (and if you don’t know what Bikram is, you don’t know HOT. Google it, seriously)!  A few years ago I went to India. As I traveled out of our amazing country, I was reminded how lucky we are to be here. We typically have a moderate climate. Other parts of the world, not so much. But, in other parts of the world people continue to run, bike, golf, and more even though it’s hot… a lot hotter that here. This just goes to show that it’s not too hot to workout.  However, you need to be cautious and prepared. Hydration, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep are a few key factors to safe exercise. If you need something less intense try yoga. And as always, just do something -- it is always better than doing nothing at all. Even if it means turning up a great song and dancing for 5 minutes! 
... and then T-Rex tried to eat me
I’m fresh off the plane from the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles. The good news is that the conference reinforced that the exercises you do at The Body Shop are the right exercises, and the way your workouts are composed is also the right way. 

Long story short: The focus was on form, less is more, and exercise fundamentals. You know, using a lower weight with more reps is safer than lifting an unrealistic weight (albeit it is fun to shock the muscles and push the envelope every once in a while). 

One of my favorite presenters said that we shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to exercise movements … there are only so many ways to do a push up. 

Just for an example, let's look at the plank. The plank is a great exercise and works a lot of muscles at one time. A lot of “new” exercises often begin in a plank position. But too many exercises originating from the plank position isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you do a minute of plank, then move right to iguanas, then on to body saws you’ll overuse the muscle group and risk injury. When I balance your workouts and mix in the fundamental strength movements, such as squats or lunges, you work many muscle groups, and not repetitively. This balanced workout reduces the risks related to overusing the muscles engaged in the plank position (or any other form of exercise you do over and over and over).  Like the presenter said “there are only so many ways to do a pushup."

Tsuji’s fan club feels the pain

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t usually strive for pain in a fitness session. But, in this case, longtime client Robin Tsuji had a special request reminiscent of a famous phrase from Rocky 3 “What’s your prediction for the fight?” “PAIN!” Tsuji herself has had pain that has kept her away from The Body Shop since November. Her absence is missed by those who trained with her twice weekly. Tsuji had a special request for the class she used to train with. This time a little pain was Tsuji’s gain. Everyone in the class wanted to do this for her, she’s a great friend and integral part of The Body Shop community. It was touching to see the class come together for their comrade, despite the torturous exercises she had planned for them. It just goes to show how camaraderie and community makes it that much easier to workout. The pain isn’t so bad when you share it with a friend. You’ve formed friendships with each other and you enjoy training together. As a result, you consistently come to your class, after all your friends are in the class and you want to see them. Camaraderie has led to accountability. 

Save the date September 12!

As a big thank you to all of you, The Body Shop Fitness Studio and SkinCare Karma are hosting an outdoor patio party on Saturday, September 12 at 4:00 PM. This years event features a live band; food and drinks; lots of outdoor games; and fun for you, your family, and friends! We hope you will join us because this event is for you! If you have any party requests, or games to share, we have plenty of time to consider all options.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

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