January 2012

Happy New Year, everyone! It's 2012!  As you know, a long-standing New Year's tradition is to create specific resolutions which pledge to redirect our behavior and guide us through the year.  An overwhelming number of these resolutions are created with health in mind.  At The Body Shop we work on your health and fitness all year round ... whether you included health and fitness in your resolution or not.  Having better health and increased personal fitness is the best self-improvement you can give yourself.  And it will improve your mental outlook and your general sense of well-being.  This translates into improved personal relationships and increased job performance.  

Whatever your resolutions this year, I'm honored you chose The Body Shop to help meet your health goals.  Incidentally, in addition to the rigorous training component you've come to know and love, The Body Shop now offers three new personal care services which are described in this newsletter.  These services are a great reward and complement to your fitness routine.


The Body Shop Fitness Studio

Weight Loss Challenge   
CherylCongratulations to the Winner of the Weight Loss Challenge - Cheryl Otto! Our challenge to survive the holidays and lose weight at the same time began in late November and ended January 2nd . While many of our participants came close, or even maintained their weight, we did have a winner: Cheryl actually did it!  She won a luxurious massage by our certified massage therapist, Melanie Sargent.  

Cheryl has been working out with us at The Body Shop for over a year.  During that time she has not only gained strength, she's also improved her posture.  Incidentally, pain in the upper body (neck and upper back) is often a result of how we use our bodies every day - by being bent over at a desk, or straining while driving, or any other forward-bending inert positions.  Cheryl has worked hard at the gym here to improve herself and meet these challenges and it shows!  

Cheryl always arrives at the gym with a great attitude. She works very hard and has made lots of progress in her fitness classes.  Plus, she is also a cheerful, kind and generous presence at our studio.  We love having her here.  Cheryl also benefits from the great works of our on-site esthetician, Karen Parker.  Now she looks refreshed and years younger!  Her face and figure look great and she feels better since she's increased her overall body strength! Congratulations on your success, Cheryl!
Lobby library      

For all you non-Kindlers, we have a small library of novels and wellness related books in our lobby to share. Feel free to bring a book to share, or to borrow a book at any time.  Improve your mind as well as your body!  

Tuesday night class time extended    
Our evening class from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm has slowly extended earlier to 5 pm, and now to 4:30 pm.  This is to allow the increasing number of clients who prefer this earlier time to exercise, and it provides for those who are able to leave work a little early or who want to get home for an early dinner! Please ask for sign up information for this class, and for any other time requests you have.  It's our job here to make sure that the time you want to workout is the time you do your workout.  We always do our best to accommodate your preferred workout times.


Three synergistic services in our micro spa
Did you know The Body Shop offers personal care services in addition to fitness training?  All of these are provided in the micro spa across from the lockers.  These wonderful treatments are not only pleasurable and luxurious, but they also complement your fitness program.  All of these promote wellness in the body and mind.  Our practitioners are all highly trained, certified, and licensed professionals and they are a great addition to The Body Shop family.

Karen Parker of Skin Care Karma provides esthetician services in the micro spa.  Skin Care Karma uses ultrasonic treatments, high frequency, facial massage and peels, in combination with highly active ingredients to restore your skin's health and radiance. Services are available for women, men, and adolescents.

Melanie Sargent is a licensed massage therapist who joined us recently. She is the founder of the Essential BodyMind Clinic in Santa Cruz, but also provides massage in the micro spa. As a licensed massage therapist, Melanie implemented and aligned the massage program for the Seattle Seahawks during summer training camps for nine consecutive years. She worked directly with the players and managed the program.  In 1997 she started her own private practice.

Corey Miller is a licensed acupuncturist who works from the micro spa by appointment. She has been practicing acupuncture for six years. As she expands her services to Soquel, we hope you will explore the benefits of what acupuncture can do for you - for all levels of pain management and preventative care. Call Corey at 588-7914 to schedule your appointment.   

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