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It is 2009, and along with a new year comes new goals. What are your goals? Not "resolutions" but realistic, achievable goals for the new year? Stressful times are an often used excuse for losing focus on oneselves. If you can manage your daily lives’ challenges with good nutrition, good rest, and exercise, you will surely manage your stress better!  Optimal health must fit into in any schedule so please remember to put how you want to feel at the top of that list of priorities!

Being active at all times helps keep you fit and feeling energized. Active lifestyles start with looking at your daily activities and incorporating movement. What changes you could make to be more active in general?

Some exercise ideas for general activity are: walk walk walk! Rain or shine, it can be done. If it must be on a treadmill, so be it, if it can be outdoors, even better, the important thing is moving that body. Other exercises are as follows:

Squats - when squatting, be sure to emphasize the weight away from your knees and push your weight behind you. Do not bend any further than to allow your thighs to become parallel with the floor!

Modified bicycle crunches – lying on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor,  place hands behind head with elbows facing out to the side.  Bring opposite elbow and opposite knee up toward each other, then return to start position and switch sides.

Push ups are always a great way to work out the arms, whether the knees are on or off the floor. Pick your platform, or vary it.  Just remember, keep the arms at a width that is not painful, and keep the shoulders above the wrists!  Your chest should be aligned between the arms, not behind the arms. Now try to do 10 just like that!

At the end of this month, payments for classes will be billed on a monthly basis, based on your average number of visits. Prices per month will vary based on whether you come 1, 2 or 3 times per week. There will be a built in incentive to this type of payment which includes the opportunity to receive an extra visit or two through this payment program. The new payment plan is explained in detail here.

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