Newsletter - February 2010


Healthcare, health insurance initiatives and the economy are major issues confronting all of us lately. Everyone is concerned because we are all affected. We hear passionate conversations about these topics all the time – both in and out of the studio. We care about these issues but think we can do little to affect their outcome. Or can we?

Actually, we can. We can live with less by simplifying our lives, downsizing our budgets, and living within our means. We can also control our own health to a certain degree, and by doing so, we can improve our lives, increase our earning power, and limit our financial risk.

Our good health should be a priority and it can save us money in the long run. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression are ongoing problems in our society. A regular, vigorous exercise program can help reduce the risk of these diseases.

Regular exercise has other benefits. It gives us increased energy and a better mood through the release of powerful natural endorphins. And regular and vigorous exercise has been shown to lead to better health and lower healthcare costs!

On the subject of better health, here are three things I would recommend for everyone to live and feel better.

  1. Eat less processed foods. Eat food as fresh and as close to its raw source as possible.

  2. Treat your feet well! Remember your whole body is interconnected. What hurts in your shoulder may start with your feet! Make sure you wear good quality shoes that fit properly and if you can, get professionally fitted. (I personally love "Fleet Feet" in Aptos.) Just make sure you’re wearing well constructed shoes that support your feet and that you’re wearing the right size. Remember, our feet change as we get older and your shoe size probably has changed too.

  3. Exercise regularly. Participate in some type of cardiovascular exercise up to 5 days a week and strength training 2 to 4 days a week. This will result in increased muscle and bone density, better weight management, and improved metabolism.

So, for your emotional, physical, and financial well-being, I encourage you to take good care of your body and your health!

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