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The Importance of "Being There"

What you put into your workout is what you get back in results! This is important when exercising, especially when in a distracting environment, or when you have a lot on your mind.  Let's say you are working out and your trainer tells you to do 20 squats. Rather than performing 20 repetitions with marginal form, just to get it over with, concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish, and focus on each squat!

The more focus you have during a movement, the better your physical and mental results will be.  The exercises might even feel different when you put your mind on what your body is doing, and on what you are trying to achieve.  This concentration makes it possible to feel what is happening with your muscles, and to know if you are compensating in other areas (a common reason for sore backs and knees). Back to the example of squats, some form challenges with squats are:

  1. to apply weight on to the knees
  2. to roll the shoulders forward
  3. to look down 

To avoid hurting the back, the knees, and lose potential muscle action on the back of the legs and rear, it is critical to have the right form in a squat. Keep the shoulders relaxed and shifted back, chest faced forward, and lower body weight shifted away from the knees and back toward the hips.  This form is hard to achieve when you are not completely present.  Lunges are another challenging exercise where focus not only prevents serious knee injury - it allows for significant increases in leg strength.

Exercise has many psychological benefits. Releasing the "feel good" endorphins is one example. If you are totally "present" during a workout session, you may notice the increased effect on your overall well-being after the workout!  Try it during your next exercise session, and see what differences you notice.

On a side note:

Some changes were made to the payment information sheet, for purposes of explaining and offering workout makeup classes as the incentive for the monthly payment program. Please see the cost section of this site for more information.

Lastly, these are such rocky times for our world financially. Congratulations to you for staying focused on keeping exercising a priority, a stress buster, and a sanity booster while we all ride out the storm.  It is an important time to be your healthiest in order to be strong and focused in these unstable times. There are many exercise packages available. I am happy to discuss the most reasonable one for you at this time if needed. Stay strong!


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