Newsletter - April 2010

Spring is a time for change!

Change is the theme of our fitness studio this year. This April we will be relocating the studio to a larger and more professional location. The quality of our service to you will not suffer and in fact should improve in our new quarters.

Many of you have told me you would never be interested in the traditional health club environment – where youth, skinniness, and vanity are the order of the day. That has never been part of our program and never will be! Our goal has always been to provide the tools, training and environment to improve our clients' physical fitness and to make their experience a happy and healthy one. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have all ages, all body types, and all levels of ability. We want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated and we want them to feel comfortable. That will never change!

Keep an eye out for the April newsletter which will fill you in on all the details of the new location. In the meantime, feel free to drive by and peek into our new studio – your new studio – located at 4641 Soquel Drive, just off the Porter/Bay exit at the corner of Porter and Soquel. We're in the processing of painting and improving the space so it will be ready for you as soon as possible. I think you'll all love it! I can't wait to show you!

Introducing Patti Kirsch

I am very happy to welcome Patti to Body by Sunita as my business partner in the new studio. With this change, we are also changing the name to The Body Shop, and no, we won't fix your car!

Patti has been working out with me for over a year now and has made many changes to her own health and wellness. She is a great success story. Her diet, fitness, and weight have all moved in the right direction. In fact, she has become absolutely tiny! But her heart is big and she'll be a wonderful addition to the workings of our studio. Her brains, enthusiasm and administrative skills will be a big help to me and the business, and ultimately, to all of you. If you have not already met her, you will soon – in our new lobby – helping out with any questions or needs you have. Or you might also see her in the workout room – "pumping iron!"

See you soon ...


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