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Training Time for Summer Run/Walk

Having a goal to strive for is a great way to motivate and get in shape! This July is the annual Wharf-to-Wharf 6 mile race from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to Capitola Village.  It is a beautiful course and there are so many fun distractions during the event, it does not feel painful.  In fact, it goes quite fast!

I hope everyone who is comfortable walking or jogging will consider signing up for the event. To save a few dollars on registration, sign up online directly at I do have registration forms in the studio if you prefer to register and mail a check in, although registering this way costs extra money. I am happy to collect everyone's registration forms and checks to mail in together. The deadline for registration is June 1. Let's get those registrations in this month of May because this fun race sells out fast!

Training for the race with The Body Shop Fitness Studio occurs here at the studio, and at least once a month outside the studio.  To prepare ourselves, the trainings will include walking and/or running as our cardiovascular base with strength training. The weather and tide conditions will play a role in determining where we meet for our fun outdoor trainings!

In preparation for the big day consider the following:

Gear  -  It is critical to have comfortable shoes with excellent support that is appropriate for your body.  I recommend seeing Tom at Fleet Feet in Aptos for a proper fitting. At the very least you should get some wicking socks and good insoles.  It is vital that you not do this right before the Wharf to Wharf.  You want to wear any new attire for several weeks prior to the big outing, to prevent blisters -- or any other pain -- that could ruin your entire experience.

Nutrition - Be sure to be fully hydrated for several days prior to and including the night before the event.  There are many negative side effects of poor hydration, including fatigue and joint pain.  Good nutrition is equally important.

Nothing new on race day - Don't try something completely new or even different before the race.  You don't know how a big change in your lifestyle is going to affect you, and you don't need any surprises on this day, so keep it status quo!

Train, train, train - Walk as much as you have time to, in addition to your regular scheduled workouts.  It will keep you strong and keep your body prepared for the activity.  You are less likely to have problems on race day if you are prepared physically.  As long as you are in condition to walk, you will succeed! So, let's sign up now! 

More to talk about next month; till then, let's get ready for the 2009 Wharf-to-wharf!!

course map

Click to enlarge Wharf-to-wharf course map


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