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Not losing weight but feeling great….

It is so important to be sure of what the goals are behind the numbers.  I have measured clients many times and not seen any changes in the numbers.  But, it is obvious that there is change. There are many factors to consider here, some of which I will address:

Parts of the body are just too hard to measure! For example: the face. It can’t be measured and yet, this is a common area of weight loss, and one’s features begin to stand out again. There are other less measurable body parts that you or others may notice but that are not necessarily assessed.

Your body may be changing all around.  You can't always dictate to your body where to lose the weight first. So try as you may to focus on your abs, or arms, etc., you will lose weight the way your own body chooses. Certainly toning is possible in specific areas, but overall weight loss is often necessary to notice the change.

You could be toning up and building muscle! Don’t let it get you down if your biceps size is the same as last month; it is not always a negative thing to stay the same or go up a bit if what is building up is not fat tissue. It is important to look at the big picture.  Eventually it all sorts itself out.

The first change we usually notice with improved fitness is an increase in energy.  Improved sleep usually is also appreciated.  Others may begin noticing something different about you. Then, slowly, the clothes start fitting differently, as the body starts to change and become stronger, fitter. There are so many ways to measure improvement. Take for example, improved posture. I have one client who has toned up immensely, boosted her cardio fitness, and become extremely fit, and the most noticeable change observed by her partner? Her posture!

Exercise and good nutrition are a long term solution to a healthy self.  Changing yourself for the better takes more time than any quick fix diets. The payoff is that it lasts longer when you don’t take shortcuts.  Take your time and learn to enjoy being active.  Have fun with good food choices.  Think about color, plate presentation, plate size, and what each food represents as you put it into your body. 

Many people are getting outside this time of year, and taking vacations too! This is a great opportunity to get some extra exercise. Don’t forget it all adds up to being active and keeping fit, so park far away rather than waste gas waiting for a front row parking spot.  And whenever you get the chance, take a walk. You will be happy you did, and so will I!

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