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Wharf to Wharf Participants… Walk Now

Be sure to walk, run, or both, a few days a week, to prepare for the local Wharf to Wharf event coming up July 26th. It is not too late to be in shape for this walk/run, so let’s start moving and be prepared.  This coming Saturday, we will add some basic stretches to incorporate into race day for before and after the race.

Other ways to prepare are to be sure you have the right gear far in advance -- shoes, layers easily removable during the event, and socks you have worn before.  This week is the last week that I recommend purchasing any new gear, as it is vital to not try or wear "new" things to avoid any unpleasant or uncomfortable surprises on race day.

Make plans in advance: we are planning to meet for carpooling, but we may need more drivers.  If anyone has a family member or friend who can help with drop-offs or pick-ups, this will be greatly appreciated. We will meet here at the studio at approximately 7:30 AM to prepare and depart, for those wanting to carpool.

For all clients and their families -- participants or not -- there will be a client appreciation brunch after the race, from approximately 11 AM to 1PM. The brunch will be onsite at the studio location, so please plan to bring a change of clothes or a second layer in case you get chilly after the walk/run.

Lastly, remember there is still time to boost your training, with extra workout days, interval training, plyometrics and with lots of walking.  So, keep active!

Thank you all for your business and your devotion to being healthy!

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