July 2011

Summer Fun!

We all enjoy summer with its longer days, warm weather, and tempting outdoor activities. Obviously, this gives us lots more opportunity for healthy and fun exposure to nature. We automatically associate this with healthy living - the California lifestyle! However, with all this exposure to the sun, wind, and heat, it's important to take good care of our bodies and remember some simple things. 

First and foremost, protecting one's skin in the summer is critical for all men, women and children, irrespective of skin type or color! The sun's rays can have very damaging and long-term health effects as well as create other less known conditions such as hyper-pigmentation. We've all heard public health announcements and heard our doctors talk about the dangers of excessive and unprotected sun exposure That's because it is a real health crisis - just like smoking. If you or your family are going to be outdoors, be sure to take reasonable precautions and put some form of sunscreen on! And, while you're at it, ask Karen Parker, our onsite esthetician, about her excellent sun protection products. They are the very best - clean, non-toxic and carefully formulated - like all her skincare lines. 

Equally important with sun protection is making sure to stay hydrated! Make absolutely sure when you or your family members are doing any outside exercises to keep more than enough water handy! This can save your life! And you may wish to drink an electrolyte-based fluid (like Gatorade) too if your activity is intense and more than one hour long! 

Also, be sure to take care of your feet. They will help you protect your whole body! It's very important to have (and use) good foot wear in (and particularly out of) the studio. Exterior ground surfaces can be challenging, inconsistent and/or hard on our joints. Activities such as walking on cement, or playing tennis or basketball on an asphalt court require good, strong support. For myself, I'm obsessed with having healthy, quality shoes for whatever I do - because I don't want my feet to hurt and I want my feet to stay healthy forever! And, incidentally, if you are looking for some good, supportive quality footwear, check out Fleet Feet in Aptos. This is not a shameless plug. I really do love their shoes and their great and knowledgeable service. You really do need to take care of your feet and wear good quality footwear wherever you buy your shoes. 

Staying in focus is also a challenge in the summer because we have so many more social distractions. Keep in mind that maintaining weight is just as important as losing weight, when we have so many challenges surrounding us. It may even be harder! And remember portion control is the best bet! Portion control (moderation) is really much better than deprivation. Remember, deprivation usually leads to binge eating. Be realistic and honest with yourself about your food consumption, and pay attention to what you do and what you eat! Being sensible about what and how you eat will make you feel better and make you happier about yourself.

This month's featured client: Hudson and his Bodyguards   
Melissa Dills and her daughter, Andrea, began working out with me several years ago - way back when Andrea was engaged to be married.  It's been a great pleasure working with these two wonderful women over the years. During these years, they not only became an important part of my life, but also brought a wonderful new gym member to me! In the last year Andrea gave birth to a sweet baby boy, Hudson.  Hudson and his mom have worked hard to get their "baby fat" off, and they both look solid and strong! It is hard to believe that Hudson has already been working out an entire year now with me.  He is a lean mean machine, just like his mom and his grandma!  Just check out these photos.
Melissa, Andrea, and Hudson

photo of Hudson
Incidentally, Melissa and Andrea are the owners of Core Fitness Pilates Studio in Scotts Valley.  When they are not working out three days a week here at The Body Shop, they are spending much of their time doing just what I do here - training clients!  Andrea and I both took the TRX certification training together last summer. I am so grateful to this family for their loyalty, and their positive influence here at The Body Shop.   

That's what makes our studio the fun place that it is, the great people who train here. 

Other News
Debbie Goodwin, our longtime client and new bookkeeper, has been doing a fabulous job with the administrative and accounting functions here at The Body Shop.  If you have any questions about your payments (when you are due to renew, etc.) or any other financial inquiries, do check in with her at the shop. She is in every Tuesday, Thursday and occasionally Saturday mornings as well.  We are delighted to have her working with us.



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