Reflections from a “Fit” Month - August 2010

The last month at the The Body Shop we’ve had lots of excitement and successes. First, many of you joined with us for a fun filled morning at the annual Wharf to Wharf Race on July 25th. This event ran from the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz all the way to the Esplanade in Capitola! After the race we moved on to refreshments at our studio. Congratulations to all of you who either jogged or walked; and thanks to all of you who joined us at the gym afterwards. We always enjoy this special day and the camaraderie we feel with all our good friends.

Sunita, Dan Walsh, and

From left to right Dan Walsh U.S. Olympian in rowing (2008 and 2004), Jay Blahnik (one of the premier fitness professionals in the industry), and Sunita (wearing Dan's bronze medal!).

The first week of August both Patti and I went to the IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s International Fitness Convention that took place this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was both informative and physically challenging; and we came back with lots of great new exercises and knowledge. One of the prominent themes at this year’s seminar was the importance of working with the body in all its planes of motion. Many traditional exercises focus on the frontal and sagital planes of motion. In simple terms, these are exercises which include side to side movements like sidebends or lateral raises; or they involve forward and backward motions like sit-ups, bicep curls, running, etc. But we must also focus on the transverse planes of motion. These are exercises which are rotational and might involve floor to overhead diagonal movements. We need to include all these three types of motion in our program to maintain good balance and to build up injury prevention! And that’s important to all of us – particularly as we get older!

With the goal of increasing strength and balance, and of improving physique (our appearance), we have purchased a new item for your use - TRX Suspension Training. This is a great exercise tool for all ages and for both men and women, and it‘s an ideal addition to the studio. We will be incorporating this new training system into our programs very soon, and we can’t wait for you to try it! For more information on TRX Suspension Training look online at and you can see live footage of a TRX in action.s

Patti and I take very serious our obligation to provide you with the best quality fitness training at our studio. We have an ongoing commitment to making our gym the best that it can be and that is not a static process. It means we must maintain a high degree of knowledge and have the right tools and a satisfying environment for you. You all have devoted time and money to train with us and you deserve the most up-to-date equipment, knowledgeable personnel, hands-on attention, and a safe and professional environment. And we hope you have a good time when you do it!

Featuring this month’s client: Michelle Robin

photo of Michelle Robin and Sunita BancroftWe are very pleased to feature Michelle Robin. Michelle has been a client of our studio prior to our new location, even prior to our new name. She was, in fact, one of the gym’s first clients ever. She is known by some of you as the one to talk to about jewelry since she’s actually a gemologist. She has helped many of our clients with appraisals of their jewelry, with design and with buying or selling. But Michelle has other dimensions too. She is well-read, a fabulous “healthy – foods” cook, a devoted mother, and a biking enthusiast. She has been a delight to have as such a devoted client for the last six years, and we look forward to many more years of training her at our new location.

See you soon,

Sunita and Patti

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