Our new TRX machine: using less weight and more body - September 2010

This month we installed our newest piece of exercise equipment, the TRX. This is a terrific new suspension training machine that has Robin TRXbecome very popular in the fitness community because of its effectiveness and versatility. The TRX was developed by a Navy Seal and is currently being used in most of the branches of the military as well as the law enforcement community. It is also becoming the equipment of choice for many professional athletic teams. Obviously this is a great recommendation but the beauty of the TRX is not just that it’s ideal for the hard core fitness freak; it’s ideal for all types of users including senior citizens, injured persons, or persons new to exercise.

The TRX is a unique system because it uses your own bodyweight rather than weights to create resistance. This is the reason for its versatility. Unlike other machines where you adjust weights to create resistance, with the TRX system - using suspended straps and bands - you shift your own body position to create resistance. In simplest terms, you are using your own body weight against gravity.

The genius of this system is its simplicity. This one piece of equipment allows you to adjust your workout to your own level and allows you to exercise all planes of motion. In my last newsletter I explained the importance of doing multi-plane exercise. Unlike more traditional exercise which worked muscles on one plane only, today’s programs encourage you to integrate all the planes of motion to support the spine and improve your body’s core stability. This is so important because more than anything else, it will improve your balance and coordination. This is particularly important to people as they age!

As great as we think this system is, like anything new, there’s a brief period of adjustment. It took several days to warm you all up to this new technology of creating weight by using your own bodyweight and gravity. But I think most people felt our muscles work in new ways – those multi-planar motions which we all need! Many of you noticed the difference the new soft grip handles the TRX has. These handles are much easier on most people’s hands - particularly if they have experienced any of the pain and cramping that age and repetitive motion brings us.

I received training in the TRX system at my most recent fitness conference in LA but I’m now in the process of become a certified TRX trainer as well. This new added intensive training will enable me to pursue even more rigorous formats for those of you who are interested in that.

More classes available

We are continuing to add more classes as the demand rises and our classes are filling up. We at the Body Shop are always interested in tailoring our program to our clients’ needs. If you or anyone you know is looking for more options please ask us about creating a new class or ask us what classes are waiting to happen. We love your ideas and input!

We have a new member on our team, Janel Lodge. Janel is a Certified Personal Trainer and will be offering personal training sessions earlier in the day for those who would like them. So now there are two trainers available to you - both Janel and me. Janel is very experienced and a very good trainer and we hope you’ll get to get acquainted with her.

Featuring this month’s client: Marianne Peritore

photo of MarianneMarianne has been a very dedicated client of ours for a number of years. She gets right to work upon arrival and shows up rain or shine. No excuses! We’re always admiring Marianne when she comes to class on her bicycle which she rides to and from work almost every day. Incidentally, Marianne is the lead dietitian at Dominican hospital in Santa Cruz. That probably explains her interest in fitness and healthy living. Marianne is a delightful person to train with. She is willing to try just about any exercise at least once. She is very brave, strong and eager in all her physical ventures. If you’ve had the pleasure of working out with Marianne you’ll appreciate the positive camaraderie she inspires in our workout atmosphere. I’m sure she brings that enthusiasm to her professional role as well. We thank her for her high energy and to her loyalty to The Body Shop Fitness Studio for all these years.


See you soon,

Sunita and Patti


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