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Season of change

Kathryn ParkerThis month, I would like to celebrate our featured client, Kathryn Parker.  Kathryn has been an inspiration to many and has worked incredibly hard in order to be so fit. While she has exercised on and off most of her adult life, consistency was a challenge.  Not to mention life's own challenges, which brought on some weight gain through lack of exercise combined with emotional eating. Kathryn had to change her focus before she could achieve great positive results.

Kathryn came to me at that turning point in her life - ready for fitness, weight loss, and motivation. She is now my strongest, most devoted client.  She rarely misses a class despite her successful sales career and busy life in general. Exercise and being in the studio three days a week has been a priority and it shows.  I am so proud of Kathryn. Her enthusiasm and her dedication have allowed her to be an inspiration to many of my clients.

When she moves this year, it will be a sad day for us all. But, her achievements and drive to be her best will carry on with many of us in the studio here at The Body Shop Fitness Studio. And for that, Kathryn, we thank you!

Fall season workouts

Just a reminder to all of you that with the fabulous season changes the gym climate also changes. For many of us, this is a welcome change, as there have been many unusually hot days in the studio this summer.  I am so proud of all my clients for their great attitude and stamina despite this summer's warm weather!  Now is the time to think about gear as we start to cool off. Some things to consider:

  • Layering is a must.  Vests are quite handy because they keep the core warm without being so cumbersome. 
  • Weight gloves are also a great fundamental.  The metal weights will feel cold to your hands.
  • Clean shoes.  Because we spend so much time on the floor, we are subject to the soles of the shoes and the contamination that occurs from this source.  If you are out in the mud, the dirt, the beach, etc., either wash off the soles of your shoes before entering the studio, keep a pair of clean workout shoes in your car for studio use, or have a dedicated pair of workout shoes for the studio only.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who come to see me for your loyalty! I appreciate each and every one of you.  I only "torture" you out of my most sincere care!

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