Everyone's a winner this month! - October 2010

JuanThis month Patti and our client Debbie Goodwin were determined to lose a few pounds. As a result, a total fitness challenge seemed to sprout up among the whole gym! Everyone worked hard and all the participants were enthusiastic about losing pounds. Things often got pretty silly and there were even efforts to "sabotage" those who seemed close to winning the challenge "too fast"! Nevertheless, the challenge ended honestly and we ended up with a winner!

Congratulations to Juan Escamilla lost ten pounds in one month! We are very proud Juan, not just because he lost weight, but also because of how he lost it. Juan pursued a healthy and moderate diet - low in fat and sugar; and he engaged in a reasonable and safe amount of exercise – approximately three to four days a week.

There was such enthusiastic energy about this friendly competition we may have to do it again to prepare for the holiday season. So be prepared to win!

Happy Halloween

As we are approaching the spooky weekend of Halloween, try to remember that what you buy is probably what you will eat! When buying candy for trick or treaters, I suggest you buy what you do not like! That way, those leftover treats won't be there tempting you! Unless, of course, the treats you get are healthy! Some great alternative treats are yogurt raisins, fruit leathers, and other sweets that have some essence of nourishment! And, of course, as always, moderation is the key.
Eat what you like but just not too much
. And enjoy yourselves!!!!!














Featuring this month's special client: Debbie Goodwin

DebbieDebbie Goodwin came to the gym through a gift certificate from a friend already attending here. She did not seek us out herself. In spite of that, years later, she is still with us and one of our most treasured clients! Debbie has lost over 22 pounds largely due to her devotion to her exercise classes and to her focus on eating well and moderately. And she still loves yummy treats like M & M's!

Debbie has worked so hard and that work has really paid off. She looks great and is in excellent health. During her time at the studio she grew to love my dog, Milo. It was because of Debbie, who walks Milo regularly, that we began a Saturday optional dog-friendly walk for anyone interested. Check it out!

Debbie is a great success story but she's also kind, humorous, and an energetic member of our extended family here at The Body Shop. We are very pleased to feature her this month.



See you soon,

Sunita and Patti

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