December 2010
Whatever your faith or custom, we wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays.  Have a wonderful time and be ready for a great NEW YEAR!


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Holiday Season in full swing!

It's that time of year again - parties, food, decadence, pressure! Now is the time to be at our strongest . We need to make wise decisions to keep the weight off and stress down when all odds are against us. We need to keep our priorities in focus and be very conscious (and conscientious) when all these challenges and temptations present themselves. Easier said than done, of course, but here are some weight battling strategies to remember:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Drink one glass of water between each cocktail.
  • Stay away from the food service area.  Take your plate far away so you can avoid the temptation to nibble all evening.
  • In the middle of a willpower challenge, remember your goals.  Remember how hard you've worked to keep fit and this may help you opt for healthier decisions.
  • Don't starve yourself.  Enjoy the moment but know this is NOT your last meal.
  • And finally, make time for exercise.  Don't miss your workouts!  This is the most important time to exercise - for weight control, for stress management, and for self esteem!
Scheduling Reminders
Please check the schedule at the studio on your next visit.  As things get busy, it's very easy to forget your workout.  If you must miss a class we must ask that you give us 24 hours for a cancellation.  We need that time to make arrangements for another client to fill your spot - especially at a busy time like this.  We always want to accommodate our clients especially when there's an emergency.  But we have to make a living and we want everyone to have a quality workout session, not an overcrowded, rushed or  unsatisfactory one.  When you book times for your workouts make sure you opt for your most convenient available workout time.  That way it will be most satisfying and successful for you.  Remember, we are here for you.  If you need a different time or a new class, lt us know.  All it takes is a request.  Once we have three people we can add a new class.

We also have saved a few remaining slots open for private sessions.  Even if you are in a class, it's nice to have some one-on-one time, in an express class or a full one hour session.  It's a great opportunity to focus on your own specific  needs with your trainer, and it will keep you working at your maximum effort with no distractions.  A number of our clients do this on an occasional basis or as a supplement to their small group workout classes.

Call 475-2800 to add a private to your schedule, or see Patti at the studio to discuss.
This month's featured client: Rhonda Obert
Photo of Rhonda ObertRhonda is like a family member here at The Body Shop. Recently, she joked that she might as well spend the night here after working out, now that she is coming here five days a week!   I realized how incredibly devoted she is  to her health and her family.  Her focus is truly on being healthy, and being a wonderful wife and mother. And she does this while maintaining two active professions - a career in real estate and assisting her husband, Pastor Bob Obert, at their local non-denominational Vineyard Church.  She has even included her two wonderful daughters-in-law in several workouts a week! 

Patti and I are so grateful for Rhonda and her family.  They have added much joy, kindness, and enthusiasm to our extended family here at The Body Shop.