Fall 2011


As summer ends, most of you are getting back to your regular schedules. That means lots of time devoted to chauffeuring kids to school and other extracurricular activities. And you're doing that while still maintaining your own professional schedules. This is exciting but it's also a big adjustment every year and it's stressful! Remember that with change and stress, it's important to keep your priorities in focus. While your family and your work is very important, so is your health. You need to give as much priority to your health as to all your other demands.

You can stay healthy by keeping fit, eating well, and getting enough rest. By following this simple mantra, you will feel better, work better, make better decisions and be more productive overall as a person! Life can often get overwhelming and at those times it's hard to keep your priorities in focus. Remember to keep it as simple as you can, and remember that your health is a vital part of your quality of life!  


The Body Shop Fitness Studio

Sunita idea winnderI have an IDEA....

In August, I attended my annual fitness conference with IDEA, an international association that provides fitness professionals with education and the latest information vital to the wellness industry. One of the key points I brought back with me is the emphasis on the multiplanar aspect of the body and exercise. In other words, working in all planes of the body is key to good body health and prevention of injury. This means moving ourselves out of just a basic bicep curl and moving into real life types of movements, to make gym exercises more like real life functions. Although we've already been doing this in our studio, I will be focusing more and more on this. I'm very concerned that you know that what we do in our workouts at The Body Shop can directly relate to whatever you do when you are living your lives - in your work or in your play time. That is our job - to make your life more productive, satisfying, and injury free.





This month's featured client: Janis Skinner    
Photo of client of the monthJanis has been working out with me for several years and looks fabulous! She has not only recovered from double knee replacement but she has also battled other physical challenges. In spite of that, she has persevered like a champ! And she looks better than ever.

I met Janis at my former location and have enjoyed her as a professional client and as a friend. We worked through all the challenges of preparing for knee surgery and to recovering from it. It has been quite a journey and Janis has been a trooper! Janis has a wonderful family and two adorable dogs who I'm privileged to know as well. Karen, of SkinCare Karma keeps her skin beautiful, and I keep her fit and we are delighted to have such a wonderful, inspiring, fun person as our client.
Future Plans at The Body Shop
We are hoping to schedule a "mixer" at least once every few months to connect our clients with one another, as well as to share any new information.  Keep posted for our Fall mixer which should occur in late September or the first week of October!   



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