Spring 2012

You know that not getting enough sleep makes you tired and cranky the next day. But did you know that it may leave you hungry as well? 

I've noticed this in my own life, and in stories that others share with me. It may be a matter of confusing drowsiness with hunger. Both drowsiness and hunger cause that running-on-empty feeling. Reacting by finding something quick and easy to eat is easier than finding a quiet space, and the time, to take a 20 minute nap. 

It seems that a lack of sleep may actually affect your appetite. One line of research previously showed that healthy, young men burned fewer calories but craved food more after just one night of total sleep deprivation. In a new follow-up study, researchers used a brain imaging technique called functional MRI to investigate what caused this. They found that, after men skipped a night of sleep, there was more activity in part of the brain involved in appetite. People who don't get enough sleep also tend to have lower levels of leptin, a hormone involved in appetite control. The bottom line: If you're gaining weight despite doing all the right things during the day, it might be because of what you're not doing at night... sleeping. 

"Acute Sleep Deprivation Enhances the Brain's Response to Hedonic Food Stimuli: An fMRI Study." C. Benedict et al. , published online January 18, 2012.


The Body Shop Fitness Studio

Featuring Body Shop client: Mike Grabill    
Mike GrabilThank goodness for Mike Grabill, who joined us at The Body Shop over two years ago!  Mike has become to a loyal client, a great friend to us all here at the studio ... and an expert chocolatier!  

Mike has been an energetic participant in our workout classes and, through the multiplanar exercise routine, has improved his fitness and reduced pain and discomfort.   

Mike's terrific personality has warmed the hearts of us all and that was before we discovered he has a great skill - making chocolates.  One of his special treats with dark chocolate and almonds is offered in our members' lobby.  To avoid guilt pangs, this is best eaten after a workout at the Body Shop.  Or maybe before a skin care treatment from our in-house SkinCare Karma.  His creations have been called "Mike's Messy Chocolates" since so many of our clients have messy mouths after consuming some.  We should warn you: These are seriously addictive!!!!

Mike has other talents as well.  He plays a mean acoustical guitar and can be found performing at some of our local venues such as Wyne Time in Downtown Capitola.  

We are delighted to have Mike as a member of our growing Body Shop family.
Home tour
Diane Trombetta, one of the most spirited and energetic clients here at the Body Shop, will showcase her home on Saturday, May 19th at the Architects Association of Santa Cruz County Open Architecture Tour.  The tour features nine architects' unique designs ranging from modest remodels to large new homes.  More information on this visually stimulating tour can be gathered at www.aascc.org.  Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Santa Cruz County.
Save the date! June 9 Anniversary party  
We will soon be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of The Body Shop Fitness Studio at its current location!  And, incidentally, we are also celebrating the one year anniversary of our in-house Esthetician, Karen Parker, of SkinCare Karma. We hope you will celebrate with us and enjoy all the entertainment and refreshments available starting at 4:30 PM on June 9th!   Please join us for chair massages, great music, jewelry, art, delicious food and drinks, as well as other exciting entertainment!
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