Winter 2011


Start your day with exercise! We're offering a new express class Wednesday mornings from 6-6:30 am. Call the studio to reserve your spot.    

I'm wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Have a wonderful holiday and don't stress out.  Keep your goals in mind and enjoy yourself ... sensibly!   

Changing Seasons  
Winter jackets and cozy apparel time have arrived.  It's cold and it's darker earlier too!  It is definitely Fall and almost Winter.  With colder temperatures and less sunshine, we need to stay focused in order to keep healthy and in shape, and to prevent depression! When the days are dark, dreary, and cold, we'd really like to jump back into bed ... especially after grabbing some steaming hot chocolate.  Besides, who needs exercise?  Actually, we all do.  We need it for our physical health and our appearance; and we need exercise for our mental health -- especially when this weather can bring on the blues.  Winter weather can definitely bring on depression and at the same time, extra pounds!  They seem to go together; have you noticed?  With this wintry weather, it's hard to get motivated to go outside for a walk.  But it's not hard to get motivated for some holiday food!  Here's some advice to help stave off those terrible reinforcing temptations!

First of all, be prepared.  Be aware that this is inevitable and it's normal.  By being aware of these temptations, you'll be better prepared to deal with them.  

Second, don't forbid yourself from enjoying what you like.  This will lead to sabotage.  Enjoy what you like but in moderation.

Eat when you are really hungry.  Not because you are tempted.  And, conversely, don't starve yourself.  That also will lead to sabotage.  Eat sensibly and on a regular basis.  Choose and plan healthy snacks to tide you over until the next meal.  This will help you eat sensibly at that next meal.  

Most of all, keep a plan of action -- both for your diet and for your fitness routine.  Don't be passive.  Be active about your exercise and what you eat!

And, of course, be sure to keep up your workouts at The Body Shop.  We're here to help you get through those winter blues and the holiday temptations.  By the way, if you need a time for exercise that's not yet offered here at the gym, let us know.  By letting us know your preferences, we can make adjustments to our schedule.  We are always updating our schedule and we want to be here for your convenience and your well-being. Don't be shy!
Fitness Challenge     

Many of you will remember our fun annual fitness and weight loss challenge. Well, I think it's fun. In the past we've had a lot of participation and it makes the tough process of weight loss a bit more fun. Knowing you're in this challenge with other people seems to make it easier and more interesting. And remember, everybody wins! Our entry fee is $20 and there will be four winners. The prizes are awarded in the order of your success, obviously, but they are all great prizes. First prize is a luxurious full massage by our in-house masseuse, Melanie Sargent. Second prize is a deluxe skin care facial (for man or woman) by Skin Care Karma, our in-house skin care specialist. Our third prize is a private express workout session at The Body Shop by yours truly. And the fourth prize is an official Body Shop t-shirt. The challenge begins on November 23rd and ends January 2nd -- the very time when we need it most! Check out all the details at the shop. 

This month's featured client: Robin Tsuji   
 Robin Tsuji is a wonderful lady who has been a loyal client since my earliest days as a fitness instructor. Robin has had some serious physical challeRobin Tsujinges but she didn't want to let her limitations keep her from being as strong and as fit as she could possibly be. She is a real inspiration to me and everyone who meets her. Her commitment is unbelievable. Robin needed to concentrate her exercise routine on a workout from the knees up. This was new to me but it became a fun challenge. We started out with boxing on the bosu, and then other creative forms of stimulating cardio exercises. I wanted to give her a real fitness and energy challenge while respecting her physical parameters.  

Eventually Robin moved into full body movements and she has now joined our regular classes and works out four to five days a week. She is one of our most committed clients and is always game for a new challenge.  

Robin goes by her nickname "Tsuji" because of all the competing Robins we have in our classes. When she's not working out she is a full time teacher, specializing in home-school study; and she is a popular math tutor for all types of students. She has two great kids - both sons - one in college and one at Kirby, a local school. For those of you who have seen the wonderful local Christmas musical "Mixed Nuts" here in Santa Cruz, you may have seen her gymnast son, Nathan. This is a great performance.  

Robin is a real treasure in our Body Shop family. She's been through many physical challenges but she has the best attitude and she lives for the moment. We are all delighted to have her as part of our program.

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