The Body Shop Fitness Studio

Sometimes those first steps are the hardest when it comes to getting fit, but at The Body Shop Fitness Studio your first step may be just a telephone call away. By making that choice, you may be on the brink of beginning a whole new relationship with others, as well as yourself.

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Originally published March 15, 2013

All-Around Wellness at the Body Shop

Sunita Bancroft says she is sometimes horrified when she walks into a typical industrial gym and sees men train. Too often she has seen someone grunting and moaning and lifting his legs up in agony to do a single bench press, then slam the bar back down.

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Originally published June 14, 2012

Leaner, Stronger, Happier

The Body Shop Fitness Studio Offers Personalized Training
By Karen Menehan

When Juan Escamilla decided to do something about his increasingly painful knees, he chose to attend classes at The Body Shop Fitness Studio, where personal attention, affordability, small class size and whole-body fitness are the studio's hallmarks.

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Originally published March 10, 2011

Personal Trainer Sunita Bancroft Expands Fitness Opportunities

By Jessica Lyons

Change, says Sunita Bancroft, is good. In the upcoming weeks, the personal trainer will relocate her fitness studio to new digs at 4641 Soquel Drive. Business is growing at Body by Sunita, she explained. And while her long-time light, airy gym feels like home to many clients—indeed, it is home to Sunita, housed in a solarium atop her Aptos home—it's time to move on.

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Originally published May 11, 2010

Body by Sunita Provides a Personal Touch to Fitness

Whether One-on-One or in Small Groups, Sunita Bancroft Tailors Individual Workouts
By R.T. Sideman

Perhaps with 2009 now upon us, you have decided you want to get in shape. A good personal trainer can make you do what you think you cannot, or more likely would not, do on your own. Motivation, expertise and accountability are what make most of Body by Sunita clients stay committed and accountable to their fitness goals.

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Originally published January 6, 2009

No Matter Age or Fitness Level, Anyone Can Have a Body by Sunita

By Linda Fridy

If the thought of who can use a personal trainer conjures up images only of top-flight athletes with well-defined abs and biceps, Sunita Bancroft wants to change the way you think. Her airy workout space with views and all-levels approach to fitness provides a welcome change from busy, impersonal gyms.

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Originally published January 22, 2008

Improve Your Strength with Body by Sunita

Another New Year’s resolution to get in shape? How about working off those extra holiday pounds with a visit to Body by Sunita, a unique alternative to the big gym approach in personal training?

With a background in nutrition and weight management, and a special interest in senior wellness, Sunita Bancroft is a certified personal trainer who operates a full-service studio/gym out of her Aptos home.

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Originally published January 9, 2007

What our clients say...

"Sunita makes you feel very comfortable. She means business and she really works you out hard, but she doesn't intimidate you. She's a great instructor, very conscious of her clients." ~ Debbie

"The workouts are so invigorating. You leave energized and excited. You feel so strong, like you accomplished something." ~Robin

The Body Shop Fitness Studio | Phone: 831-475-2800
4641 Soquel Drive, Soquel CA on the corner of Soquel Drive and Porter