The Body Shop Fitness Studio is just the right size. It's not so large that you are lost in a tangle of people and machines, and it's not so small that you're right on top of classmates. There's room to move, there's room to breathe, there's even a shower and changing room! The front of the studio has etched glass windows, so the light filters in, but no one on the street can see you working out. The entrance to the gym is around the back so you can travel to and from your workout without worrying about the paparazzi.

There's more than to The Body Shop Fitness Studio than just sweating and working out. We now have an esthetician onsite. What better way to relax after an invigorating workout than with a facial?

Call 475-2800 or e-mail to set up an appointment so you can experience the gym yourself.



The Body Shop Fitness Studio | Phone: 831-475-2800
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